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Should I get my flat roof insulated?

Flat roofs can cause a myriad of issues if they are old, you don't get the right one fitted and also if you don't factor in flat roof insulation which can often forgotten when getting a flat roof replacement.

Flat roof insulation is essential if you want to stop condensation in your home...Flat roofs without insulation are often the cause of damp & mould in homes. Your local roofer can help.

With this in mind, it's not just about which flat roof you choose (felt or fibreglass), it's also important to consider flat roof insulation. So, to get the right advice, t's important your local roofer is professional and someone you can trust to advise you on which flat roof is best for your home and budget.

You can either do what is called cold roof insulation or warm roof insulation. Warm roof insulation ensures the entire roof structure is insulated, meaning a warm deck roof is more energy efficient than a cold roof.

A cold flat roof insulation requires more work, taking off old boards and replacing them and the roof surface. The thermal efficiency isn’t as good as with warm roof insulation.

Let us help you choose the best flat roof insulation for your home and budget. Call us, your local roofer in Stourbridge, today on 07375 560524.

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