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Is your house dark or does a room need more light?


Adding a Velux skylight to a room can really brighten up the space and make the room feel completely different. Whether it's a bedroom, study area or a loft room, we can add a skylight and transform the room. 

We can fit a skylight into your home within around 6 hours (depending on the size of the skylight/project) 

We are based in Stourbridge and can fit a skylight in the Stourbridge area or anywhere in the West Midlands. 

Call us on 07929 145033 to arrange a free quote. 

Make a big difference to your home, add a skylight. 



Here is a child's room that was recently fitted with a skylight as it only had one small north facing window and was dark and seemed very small. Once the skylight was in, the room was transformed into a light, airy space. What a difference it has made to the room! 

"The skylight has completely changed my daughter's room for the better. It's a much lighter room which makes for a nicer place to read and play and we spend so much more time in the room now. Best money we've spent for a long time. Thanks Mat and team!" Katie, Shropshire 

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