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Why you should get a skylight fitted...

In these times of having to stay home a lot more, it's never been more important to feel happy at home. An easy (or perhaps not so easy) option to change your home is to move house. But this isn't the only solution. Quite often, the things that are bugging us about our homes can be sorted with a bit of consideration.

Getting in your local Property Care expert for a chat about how you can improve your home can be a great help and may offer solutions you'd never thought of.

One of the biggest issues some of us have (particularly in dark cottages or terraces or in loft bedrooms is that the bedroom can feel small and dark in comparison to the rest of the home. If only it were lighter, you may think. It feels so stuffy and small...

An easy solution to brightening up a room (if you can of course) is to add a skylight. A skylight can make a huge difference to a room with one window, especially if it's only got a small window and came bring a huge amount of extra light into a room.

We recently fitted a skylight into a child's bedroom in Shropshire. It's a small cottage and the bedroom was very dark, with just a small north facing window at one end. By adding a skylight, it's transformed the space and now the little girl who lives in this room can even see the moon from her bed, making for a very happy child indeed. It's the small things in life that can really enhance the way we enjoy our homes.

A small skylight including the fitting costs around £900 all in.

Before skylight was fitted in natural light (and 2 lamps on)

After skylight was fitted (in natural light, with 2 lights on) What a difference!

For a quote please call us on 07375 560524

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