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Get your home ready for Christmas...

It looks as though we will all be spending plenty of time at home this Christmas and so it's never been a more important time to get that your `wish list` list completed so you can really relax and enjoy the festivities. We all know how much these little jobs can play on our mind. Making your house a home is the best Christmas present you can give to yourself...

A property maintenance company (like AMH Property Care in Stourbridge) can help you fix and improve all aspects of your home, whether it's replacing the kitchen floor or cupboards, fixing a leak in your roof or painting the front of your house so it looks good when you put the lights on! There are so many small things you can do that make a big difference. Here's a few ideas:

  1. Garage conversion

Make some extra space for Christmas so you can all spread out this Christmas. It's a great way to create a den for the kids, an office for you, some more dining space for a larger table or a `man cave` which so many of us crave for a little bit of peace (which you may well really need this year!) A simple garage conversion can take as little as 2 weeks so there's still time to get this done before the big day. Knocking through to the garage space can also be a good way to extend your kitchen and create a really bright, spacious kitchen/diner, the perfect place to relax and enjoy Christmas day.

2. Roof repairs & maintenance

Ok so you may not be able to see your roof on Christmas day, but if your roof isn't watertight and fixed in time for the big day, it could really spoil the Christmas period with leaks coming into your home and damaging it. No-one wants a damp, wet Christmas... It's a good idea to get a roof specialist in now to look at your roof and make sure it's all ready for winter. Roofers get busy around this time of year and are not as readily available during the Christmas holidays so it's good to plan ahead and get this sorted. Call 07375 560524 for a quote.

3. Improve the front of your home (paintwork, fascias etc...)

There's no point adding lights and decorations to the front of your home this year if the paintwork is falling off and the front of your house needs some much needed attention. Before you get the decorations out, give your local Property Care specialist a call and get your front door replaced or painted, tidy up your guttering & fascias, paint the wood or brickwork at the front of your home.

4. Kitchen renovation work

Cooking at Christmas can be a chore, but far less so if you're really happy dancing around your new & improved kitchen with a large glass of wine! Enjoy the space you cook and dine in this Christmas by giving it a good spruce up. Replace the floor, get the tiles replaced, change the cupboard doors and re-decorate. These things will make all the difference without necessarily having to replace and re-do the whole space...At AMH Property Care we specialise in kitchen renovations and can replace floors, units, work surfaces and tiles. Call 07375 560524 and let us help you enjoy your cooking this Christmas.

Whatever you property needs to make it a more enjoyable space to be, Christmas is an ideal marker point to get it done by as it's the time of year we spend the most time in our homes and this year it's likely we will be at home even more than normal. Enjoy your home, get that `wish list` completed. Call us, your Stourbridge based property care specialist on 07375 560524.

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